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Help your child's acting career... Let them CRUSH their next audition, and land the next gig!

"Within one week after completing the Audition Superhero modules, Aiden booked a role with Nickelodeon for the Kids Choice Award!"
                                                                ~ The Berrymans

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ONE TIME OFFER: Simply send us a 1 -2 minute audition video of your child doing a scene or commercial and Helen Gordon will PERSONALLY review it and pinpoint any problem areas specific to your child that could be stopping them from getting callbacks and bookings! After the problems are identified, you will know exactly what your child needs to fix to sharpen their acting skills and have them give their best auditions and impress the Casting Directors. You will receive an audio clip with detailed, customized feedback from Helen within 1 week so your child can crush the scene!

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Since beginning Audition Superhero... Aiden and Jonny combined have booked a total of 5 commercials (4 being national), Jonny booked a pilot, and the callbacks are coming in for the TV shows and film!"
                                                                                                                ~ The Berrymans
Here's What You'll Get:
  • 6 FULL VIDEO MODULES of the Best Online Acting Training for kids on the Planet, by one of the world's most foremost child acting coaches!
  • DOZENS of Before and After examples of actual students acting out the techniques... Your child gets to see what NOT to do and how to do it right... YOU as a parent get to know what to look for to guide and assist them
  • How to Leverage Personality and How to Create Characters
  • ROCK Commercial and Theatrical Auditions so your child is prepared for ANY audition type
  • Become Irresistible to Casting Directors
  • The Chatterbox Technique which will bring the shyest kids out of their shell
  • That ever-important but misunderstood skill on How to use Cue Cards
  • The Bounce Technique to make your child SHINE at auditions
  • How to Make Risky Choices to get your child noticed
  • How to Create Memorable Characters and give unique auditions with DEPTH
  • The Slice of Life Technique that will have Casting Directors talking about your child for hours!
  • How Being Silly can be made into a Bookable Quality
  • How to be natural and leverage "just being you" with Energy
  • What "Slating" is, why it's important, and how to do it correctly so that Producers will watch your child
  • ...and so much more!
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